Kurhaus Trifels - History

Kurhaus Trifels has an amazing history which dates back more than one hundred years ago to the beginning of the 20th century. Read here how it all began.

A Recreation Home for the Town of Ludwigshafen...

If you take a look at the picture above, you'll see the panorama of Annweiler's three castles Trifels, Anebos and Münz how it was represented on a postal card around one hundred years ago. The observer is standing in the valley of Bindersbach, at the point where Kurhaus Trifels is situated today, to be precise. (And attentive observer might notice that Trifels castle on the left looks much smaller than today. That's because there were just ruins left one hundred years ago before the castle had been rebuilt during the time of Nazi Germany.)

We find ourselves in the year 1907. The town of Ludwigshafen celebrates its 50th anniversary and decides for the occasion to have a recreation home built for teachers and public servants. The town's retirement fund was cash-positive at the time (which certainly wouldn't be the case nowadays) and the excess money should be used to pay the building works. Tax officer Georg Lux was entrusted with finding a nice location for this project. He found the perfect place here in the dreamily romantic valley of Bindersbach. The gorgeous panorama and the peaceful quietness made the point.

5th of July 1911: The opening of Kurhaus Trifels

The recreation home had been built following the most modern standards of the time. When the building works were finished in 1911, it was extraordinarily luxurious with electric light, bathrooms even on the upper floors, and even a bowling alley in a separate building. Looking at the historic advertising might give us a chuckle today (electric light, really?) but at the time that was extremely impressive.

Am 5. Juli 1911 wurde zur Eröffnung des Kurhaus Trifels ein großes Fest gefeiert. Mehr als 500 geladene Gäste reisten an, darunter viele prominente Persönlichkeiten.

Tumultuous Years

The twenty century brought two world wars with it, which did not leave Kurhaus Trifels uneffected. When the First World War started in 1914, the house was temporarily converted into a battlefield hospital for minor casualties - only three years after the grandiose opening as a recreation home.

During the Second World War, the premises were also needed for other purposes than recreation: The hospital of Annweiler had been strongly damaged when hit by a bomb, and replacement was needed. So the town of Ludwigshafen agreed to have their building used as an emergency hospital from 1944 to 1951.

5th of July 2011: 100-year Anniversary and A New Beginning

After almost one hundred years of ever-changing history, the house was vacant for a while. The Nouveau-Art building which had been listed as historic and worthy of protection in the meantime, was in need of extensive renovations. An idea was needed - a vision of what the future of the house should look like.

That is how the idea of a place for scientific meetings developed: Inside these old walls, new ideas should take form. A space for ideas should be created, where scientists from different universities could come together for interdisciplinary discussions. The premises have been renovated and equipped with modern conference technology. An association has been founded to support this new purpose - the association "Verein Begegnunszentrum Kurhaus Trifels e.V." - and many of the nearest universities became members.

On the 5th of July 2011 - at the day of its 100th anniversary, the re-opening of Kurhaus Trifels as a place for scientific meetings was celebrated. Like exactly one hundred years before, famous guests from political, economical and scientific circles came to the party.

Kurhaus Trifels has since established itself as a conference hotel and meeting place for scientific events. Wonderful things happen in these premises: People come here to meet, to do research, to teach and to learn - in the loveliest atmosphere and supported by our experienced team. Our guests are companies, universities, non-profit organisations and private guests. And another thing soon became clear: Kurhaus Trifels is not only a wonderful location for business and scientific meetings, but also for parties and really good food. So we organise birthdays, family reunions and wedding parties. The restaurant under head chef Moritz Sommer serves a fresh, modern and creative cuisine.