Food & Beverage for your Meeting

We offer you meeting packages which you can upgrade based on your needs. Always included are an adequate conference room with technical equipment, non-alcoholic beverages in the conference room, coffee breaks with gourmet coffee and snacks, and our light and healthy lunch buffet.

If you're staying at Kurhaus Trifels or Villa Waldfrieden, our good breakfast buffet is automatically included. If not, you can book it as an extra.

We also offer dinner for seminars and groups. Our meeting package "Standard Plus" contains a 3-course-menu with a choice of three main courses (including one vegetarian option). Mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages during dinner are included as well. All meals that we offer are freshly prepared in our restaurant using high-quality ingredients of which most are organic and locally-sourced.




Meeting Package "Standard"


  • An adequate conference room with daylight
  • Standard technical equipment (screen, flip chart and pin board)
  • Internet access and wifi everywhere in the house
  • Seating prepared as discussed
  • Coffee break in the morning with tea and coffee specialties, organic apples and a hearty snack
  • Lunch: our light and healthy lunch buffet with soups, salads and special plates which are changing daily
  • Coffee break in the afternoon with tea and coffee specialties, organic apples and sweet pastries or cake
  • A Nespresso coffee station with coffee specialties in the conference room or in front of it
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in sufficient amount in the conference room (one bottle of mineral water and half a litre apple juice per person)


You'll find more information in our  -> Portfolio  (only in German at the moment)
(Special prices for members of the association "Verein Begegnungszentrum Kurhaus Trifels e.V.“, please ask.)