Father's Day Barbecue

We are officially opening the barbecue season on 10th May - Father's Day!
Enjoy a first-class barbecue buffet on the Kurhaus Trifels park terrace.

Thursday, 10th May is Father's Day. Time to finally start the barbecue season!

Enjoy a relaxed barbecue evening at Kurhaus Trifels. Take a seat on the beautiful park terrace and enjoy the unique view to the Annweiler castles landscape with Trifels, Anebos and Münz. Our barbecue master is doing the work - all you have to do is relax and enjoy!


While the barbecue master heats up the grill and starts putting the steaks and the home-marinated kingprawns on, you comfortably stroll to the starter buffet and help yourself to fresh salads, mozarella tomatoes and home-made antipasti vegetables.

Hm, that smells good - the steaks are ready! And that's not all: There are fiery shashlik on a spit, turkey roulades filled with tomatoes and herbs, black angus beef, shrimps marinated in herbs and grilled saumon with saged butter.

With the meat, there are mediterranean vegetables, baked feta, grilled sweetcorn, jacket potatoes and pesto tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes. And as always you can choose from our home-made barbecue sauces and pestos. Also we'll leave the starter buffet until the end, so you can keep helping yourself to antipasti and salads.

Enjoy your dessert from the buffet and the barbecue: Choose from grilled bananas with chocolate chunks, barbecued chocolate cake, grilled melons and pineapple, seasonal fruit salad, orange cream and coconut parfait. This enjoyable summer evening ends with romantic illumination, cuddly blankets, a perfect view and - but that's up to you - good conversation with your friends or family.

This beautiful evening can be purchased for € 32.50 per person. (Beverages will be charged separately.)
We're looking forward to your reservation.