Restaurant Menu

Here you will find our current menu and our seasonal specials. We are looking forward the welcome your at Kurhaus Trifels Restaurant - from Thursdays to Sundays from 6 pm, and on Sundays and public holidays also from 12 pm for lunch.


Our Asparagus Menu



Spargel bruschetta

7,80 €

Baked asparagus                              
with parmesan cheese and Parma ham

11,20 €

Asparagus salad                                   
with chive and egg vinaigrette,
Coppa ham and cherry tomatoes

8,90 €



Asparagus soup                                     
with asparagus pieces

5,40 €

Beef stock                                  
with vegetables stripes and pancake strips

6,20 €
 One pound asparagus  
with a choice of the following:   
parsley potatos or crèpes,
with sauce hollandaise or browned butter
16,80 €
breaded veal cutlet
8,90 €
steak from the saddle of veal (plain)      
12,00 €
beef entrecôte 250 g 14,50 €
brook trout filet  
  8,90 €
fried salmon steak  9,20 €
home-smoked salmon    5,40 €
ham platter (cooked/smoked) 5,20 €
baked tomato
4,50 €

Sliced turkey with Dijon mustard and herb dip,
mushrooms, broccoli and fragrant rice

17,20 € 

Brook trout with chive and lemon butter,
creamy spinach and Roman semolina gnocci   

18,20 € 

Linguine with wild garlic and asparagus
with roasted giant shrimps in gremolata

17,80 €

 Stuffed baked tomato with leek oil,                     
raisin rice refined with mint and cumin

13,20 €
Vanilla ice cream with marinated strawberries  

Our Asparagus Menu

Creamy asparagus soup


White asparagus from Palatinate with breaded veal cutlet,
hollandaise sauce and parsley potatoes


Marinated strawberries with vanilla ice-cream

26,80 €


Gourmet Asparagus Menu

Asparagus sponge tart with frisée salad,
pesto dressing and bread ring


Roasted tournedo from Simmental beef
with Café de Paris butter,
asparagus flan, roasted asparagus
and yeast potato doughnut


Marinated strawberries with balsamico,
with ice candy ice-cream

39,80 €


We've labelled vegetarian dishes with a for you and vegan dishes with a .

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