Thank you for your interest. On this page we'd like to tell you about our non-profit association "Verein Begegnungszentrum Kurhaus Trifels e.V."

Kurhaus Trifels itself, this lovely Nouveau Art mansion, has celebrated its one hundredth anniversary in 2011. Its original building and opening dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, the 5th of July 1911, as a recreation home for teachers and public servants of the town Ludwigshafen. A lot has happened in these one hundred years, not only concerning Germany and the world, but also regarding Kurhaus Trifels with its remarkable history. But the one hundredth birthday of the house on the 5th of July 2011 was more than just an anniversary. It was also the beginning of a new future for Kurhaus Trifels as a conference hotel and a centre for scientific meetings.

To support Kurhaus Trifels with its new purpose, the association "Verein Begegnungszentrum Kurhaus Trifels e.V." was founded. The association initiates scientific events like conferences and seminars. It supports interdisciplinary and inter-university exchanges between scientists. Our members are universities, academies and research institutes.

Kurhaus Trifels is the perfect place for a scientific exchange. When arriving by car from Annweiler, you'll see the majestic mansion waiting for you on the other side of the valley. Then when you arrive you'll be welcomed by a splendid view over the valley to the three castles Trifels, Anebos and Münz. The calm and beautiful location behind Annweiler's town park and at the same time in the middle of the vast nature of the Palatinate Forest is the ideal background for the calm state of mind that's needed for a creative and communicative scientific stay.

 Homepage of the association:

Purpose and Goals

"The association aims to support science and research and to offer further education between its members and other partners.

Trifels Summer School

For the fourth time this year we will host the Trifels Summer School - a great event, offered by the association "Verein Begegnungszentrum Kurhaus Trifels e.V."

Scientiest of differenct areas and from different universities come together to discuss scientific questions and topics which are relevant to the modern society.


Members of the association Verein Begegnungszentrum Kurhaus Trifels e.V. are universities, academies and research institutes.
Here you'll find our member list.